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"When an old person dies, a library burns" ~ Malian writer Amadou Hampaté Ba.

Most people have experienced the loss of an elderly relative or friend. Soon after comes the realisation that, "Old so-and-so would have known the answer to that". This new page is a very small effort to address that problem, without resorting to clairvoyancy

It came about because of a query to the website by someone trying to contact an old friend for a school reunion. I try to help with any such query but this one was quite convoluted and took a while to resolve.

I spoke to Terri Fisher in the course of this investigation and we lamented the loss of this kind of (even quite recent) information. Terri mentioned that she had some documents about the establishment of the Postbridge Cemetery and has kindly donated the information for the website.

I hope that these will be the first of many - if you have similar information please contact me.

The following are links to the files. They are either PDF or JPG files and should open in any computer.

Postbridge Cemetery
Postbridge Cemetery Deed
Dartmoor Forrest Parish Map 1991
List of Numbers for Parish Map


The Postbridge Draw

The Postbridge Draw is run in aid of the Village Hall and it is drawn on the second Sunday of every month.  First prize is £10, second prize is £5 and third prize is £2.  The draw venue alternates between the East Dart Hotel and the Warren House Inn.  Entry to the draw is essentially by 'Annual Subscription' but additional balls may be purchased at the event.  Conditions in Postbridge are so attractive that no-one to date has retired on their winnings - all have continued with their daily work


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