Postbridge Village Hall

For Meetings, Parties etc.

Special rates for Postbridge residents.

To hire the Postbridge Village Hall, please phone Jackie on 01822 880224

The Village Hall now has its very own website - please visit it HERE


Whist Drives are held in the Village Hall at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings :

All Whist Drives are cancelled until further notice.

Entrance fee is £2.50 and includes refreshments and prizes.
Please contact Jackie Gee for further details Tel: 01822 880224


Since 12 November Co-op Members have chosen to support Postbridge Village Hall with their 1% and have raised £134.08 for your cause. This will be the first of four payments you’ll receive from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) will pay the money into the bank account you’ve already provided. If you've not been paid by the end of March please email CAF directly and put “Round 3 - payment query” as the subject header.

There’s still £2,259.06 up for grabs, and the more members who choose your cause and buy own brand Co-op products and services, the more you’ll benefit. Your cause will be live for members to choose until 27 October. To help you boost your profile and encourage members to choose your cause, we’ve put together some promotional ideas for the next eight months.

Thank you

The Local Community Fund

Postbridge Village Hall have been successful in their application to be selected as one of the Co-op Causes this year coming to receive funding. I will explain how WE as a village/individual can help this funding along.

If you have a Co-op Card (blue in colour) and it is NOT REGISTERED, please go onto the
Co-op website

By backing us, any money you spend on Co-op own brand goods, will generate 1% to go into the Village Hall ‘pot’. If your card isn’t registered, then that 1% will only go into the large pot for all three charities to be divided up in October 2018. If however, you don’t have a card at all or do not register it, then any money you spend on own brand goods will be lost. So it really does make sense to get a card and ensure it is registered.

You can use your card, providing it is registered at any Co-op you choose but if you haven’t backed us, then it will only go into the fund of the area you shop in, but registered, it means we will receive the money into our pot.

If you are not aware of what we are trying to raise funds for, it is to re-build the small shed at the side of the hall to provide extra space for the tables/chairs and of course ensure that the electricity power box is kept dry and damp free during the bad weather.

For further details please contact Sue Hammett.

The Postbridge Village Hall

The Post Office Stores

The Postbridge Post Office and Village Store is opposite the famous Clapper Bridge.