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Postbridge Rainfall

In November 2020 the rainfall in Postbridge was 148.9 mm (5.9 inches).

For comparison:
In November 2019 the rainfall in Postbridge was 260.0 mm (10.2 inches).

Monthly rainfall figures from October 1989 are available here

Postbridge Draw

The October draw was held, 'socially distanced' in the Village Post Office 😷
The prize winners are below:

October:  1st John Churchley, 2nd Chetan, 3rd Bob Martin
September:  1st Peter Parsons, 2nd John Wilcox, 3rd Shirley Agness
August:  1st Sarah & Ned, 2nd Dave Fisher, 3rd Elaine and Roger Smerdon
July:  1st Ana Morgan, 2nd Rosie Joynson, 3rd Janet Parsons
June:  1st Peter Harries, 2nd Jackie Gee, 3rd Clare Bellamy
May:  1st Rosie Joynson, 2nd Rowan A-B, 3rd Steph Kable
April:  1st Imogen Earp, 2nd Ian Drew, 3rd Chris and Phil Coaker
March:  1st Jimmy Legate, 2nd Bob Martin, 3rd Clare Bellamy
February:  1st Clare Baker (visitor), 2nd Joel (vistor), 3rd Dragon Tomovic
January:  1st Terri Fisher, 2nd Sally Pendersen (visitor), 3rd Wendy (visitor)

December:  1st Ana Morgan, 2nd Ken & Wendy Watson, 3rd Sue Hammett
November:  1st Rebecca Earp, 2nd Ian Drew, 3rd Liz Rabicano

The draws are held at lunchtime (approximately 1:00pm) on the second Sunday of each month (approximately 😊).
The venue alternates between the East Dart Hotel and the Warren House Inn:

January 2020 Warren House Inn
February 2020 East Dart Hotel
March 2020 Warren House Inn
April 2020 East Dart Hotel
May 2020 Warren House Inn
June 2020 East Dart Hotel
July 2020 Warren House Inn
August 2020 East Dart Hotel
September 2020 Warren House Inn
October 2020 East Dart Hotel
November 2020 Warren House Inn
December 2020 East Dart Hotel

For further Postbridge Draw information:
Please contact Tessa on 01822 880228

The Rotary Club of Yelverton
Family Dog Show and Car Boot Sale


The 2019 Family Dog Show and Car Boot Sale was held on Sunday 28th July.

The dog show, car boot sale, raffle, tombola and refreshments raised £570.00 for the
Cinnamon Trust and Rotary Charities.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Thank you to our Judge, Laura Coleridge Wood, who had 223 entries in 15 classes


The Rotary Club of Yelverton Dog of the Year with a Postbridge address was “Dexter”
owned by Steph, John and Florence Churchley.


Left to Right:
Yelverton Rotarian Nigel Tigwell;
Reserve Best in Show: Emma Craig with “Sunny”;
Judge: Laura Coleridge Wood;
Best in Show: John Evens with “Finley”;
Yelverton Rotarian Julian Greatrex

Co-op Causes

Newflash !!

The Village hall has received its first payment from the Co-op!
See the Village Hall page here and the information below.

Co-op Causes

Postbridge Village Hall have been successful in their application to be selected as one of the Co-op Causes this year coming to receive funding. I will explain how WE as a village/individual can help this funding along.

If you have a Co-op Card (blue in colour) and it is NOT REGISTERED, please go onto the
Co-op website

By backing us, any money you spend on Co-op own brand goods, will generate 1% to go into the Village Hall ‘pot’. If your card isn’t registered, then that 1% will only go into the large pot for all three charities to be divided up in October 2018. If however, you don’t have a card at all or do not register it, then any money you spend on own brand goods will be lost. So it really does make sense to get a card and ensure it is registered.

You can use your card, providing it is registered at any Co-op you choose but if you haven’t backed us, then it will only go into the fund of the area you shop in, but registered, it means we will receive the money into our pot.

If you are not aware of what we are trying to raise funds for, it is to re-build the small shed at the side of the hall to provide extra space for the tables/chairs and of course ensure that the electricity power box is kept dry and damp free during the bad weather.

For further details please contact Sue Hammett.

Moor than Meets the Eye

This link should take you to the recent website for the Moor Than Meets The Eye project.

The Postbridge Draw

The Postbridge Draw is run in aid of the Village Hall and it is drawn on the second Sunday of every month.  First prize is £10, second prize is £5 and third prize is £2.  The draw venue alternates between the East Dart Hotel and the Warren House Inn.  Entry to the draw is essentially by 'Annual Subscription' but additional balls may be purchased at the event.  Conditions in Postbridge are so attractive that no-one to date has retired on their winnings - all have continued with their daily work


If you would like to have a page on this website or be involved in some other way, then please email me here or telephone Brian on 01822 880235