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Postbridge Draw

The March draw was held in the Warren House Inn with generous customers buying 25 extra balls in the draw.
The results are below:

March:  1st Ann (visitor), 2nd Kayden Jessop, 3rd Les Parr
February:  1st Simon Jones, 2nd Peter Havill, 3rd Ned Buyukminci
January:  1st Nigel & Carolyn, 2nd Les Parr, 3rd Chris & Simon Kennedy
December:  1st Chris Wright, 2nd Helen Gay, 3rd Liz Rubicano
November:  1st Miriam (visitor), 2nd Rose Williams, 3rd Hilda Watson
October:  1st Helen (visitor), 2nd Steve Matthews (visitor), 3rd Jeanette & Mark Shackleton
September:  1st Lynne Jones, 2nd Della & Matt Irish, 3rd Rose Williams
August:  1st Johnny Gee (visitor), 2nd Sam & Martin (MTP), 3rd Janet Parsons
July:  1st Jeanette & Mark Shackleton, 2nd Claire Bellamy, 3rd Alex Lambert
June:  1st Matt & Louise (visitors), 2nd Alex Lambert, 3rd John Churchley
May:  1st Nicola Kimber (visitor), 2nd Simon Madge (visitor), 3rd Lorraine (visitor)
April:  1st Helen Gay, 2nd Hilda Watson, 3rd Tom AB & Rachel A

The draws are held at lunchtime (approx 1:00pm) on the second Sunday of each month.
The venue alternates between the East Dart Hotel and the Warren House Inn:

Sunday 8th January 2017 Warren House Inn
Sunday 12th February 2017 East Dart Hotel
Sunday 12th March 2017 Warren House Inn
Sunday 9th April 2017 East Dart Hotel

For further Postbridge Draw information:
Please contact Tessa on 01822 880228

Postbridge Rainfall

In February 2017 the rainfall in Postbridge was 139.1 mm (5.5 inches).
For comparison, in February 2016 we had 247.4 mm (9.7 inches) of rain.

Monthly rainfall figures from October 1989 are available here

Moor than Meets the Eye

This link should take you to the recent website for the Moor Than Meets The Eye project.

The Postbridge Draw

The Postbridge Draw is run in aid of the Village Hall and it is drawn on the second Sunday of every month.  First prize is £10, second prize is £5 and third prize is £2.  The draw venue alternates between the East Dart Hotel and the Warren House Inn.  Entry to the draw is essentially by 'Annual Subscription' but additional balls may be purchased at the event.  Conditions in Postbridge are so attractive that no-one to date has retired on their winnings - all have continued with their daily work


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